The books I have abandoned

“Ordinary Decent Criminals” by Lionel Shriver.

Read it upto beginning of page 5 where the author says character Estrin knew bad work 🙂

“Tales from a Vending Machine” by Anees Salim

It began well, with me laughing at the black humour every page, until it felt like the author was stretching it too far and making my response plastic to the characters Haseena Mansoor, Shamla, Eza. In ads one can get away with quirky humour, in books if you make the central character come across as dumb and mean every page or so you are actually assaulting the reader’s intelligence or curiosity. But it seems to be a cynic’s dream book, one that probably looks even at love like biology and game play of mind, nothing more nothing less. Much as I’d have liked to read it in one sitting I could only sustain my interest upto page 65. Possibly I’d have to undertake a flight to somewhere to read it till the end , while I am waiting at some airport lounge eyeing a lolly at some vending machine( only my character being male). Actually, I’d love to know how the author treats the main character going forward and whether the book ends in triumph or irony which, given the way it is going, is more likely.


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