Poetry is the long arm of love.

Poetry is the long arm of love.

In my book “An Eternal Romantic ” which is spiced with poems attributed to the main character, I find a longing stretching out from my own soul to arrest whoever reads it and wants to fall in love.

Tell me, my love
When the hair has gone grey
And the weak spine groans
Till the day I die
Will you keep the romance alive?

Reading poetry makes a reader confused and uncomfortable because its broken lines either do not register on a conditioned mind that thinks in mechanical flow or makes it think in a way it is unaccustomed to think. Poetry lovers read poetry as an extension of their own longing and so they need the broken lines to take a deep sigh or catch their breath before finding out if the next line echoes their feelings in a manner that they’d want to look at this world.

An Eternal Romantic is a poet’s story. She will captivate your senses only when you read through the poems as well. Otherwise it is like looking at the novel as a curriculum book that tries to teach a method to the madness. It is not.


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