Leaving My Father’s House

When I first started going through the book–‘Leaving my father’s house’ by Marion Woodman with Kate Danson, Mary Hamilton and Rita Greer Allen, around 5 or 6 years back, it struck me as a complicated book and I abandoned it abruptly. Again two days back, when I randomly scanned it I realized that it is a book that has captured the turmoil of women descending into their own complex being in order to ascend to a conscious feminine persona.

Written in a self dialogue, dream interpretation as well as narrative prose, it is three chaotic mind’s outpourings in a clear effort towards seeking clarity. What disappoints in the end was that I did not make head and tail of what conclusions it reached which I could take away from the book. Yes, it has many plausible explanations drawn from science, religion and intuition but the journey itself is a roller coaster that comes to a stop at nauseating points of muddle-headedness.

I was beginning to think that I have finally found a book which may have the answers to conscious living keeping our feminine persona intact and likeable. I almost found it.


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