ORRO: How have you been zerro?

Zerro: Mad

Orro: Why so?

Zerro: Well, the doctor said so.

Orro: Were you diagnosed as mad?

Zerro: I guess so, yes, he diagnosed me as mad because i made the mistake of telling him I converse with God.

Orro: Well, you shouldn’t have told him that.

Zerro: I can’t help it. In the doctor’s chamber i speak only the truth, sometimes even exagerrating it.

Orro: No problem. Just take the medicine and relax.

Zerro: Oh, I am chilled, Madness cannot be so bad if it it helps me converse with God.

Orro: Who is your God, Zerro?\

Zerro: Oh I cant see him. He is God after all.

Orro: It is time to wake up Zerro and stop dreaming. 



Country marr raha hai na, so wear white

Reading Shashi Tharoor’s The Elephant, the Tiger and The Cellphone. Read it. It is like enduring the pain of brilliance. Yet to finish it but already been through a mini story just by reading its title. What’s your interpretation, one may ask , just when you are about to turn the cover page? For me, it is Kerala, Bengal and communication…all misunderstood Towers of Babel that holds up our country. What brought India to what it is not today–a superpower, which most people in the rest of the country do not know is all for the good. Shashi Tharoor knows it and as a reader I give him the green flag of the most astute writer of our country, who falls back more on facts than fiction to weave stories but knowing India can never be this:IRRELIGIOUSNESS CAN NEVER BE POPULAR IN OUR COUNTRY, he becomes just another Indian who peddles the tolerance of all religions as a virtue to uphold.
When I think of a word that could rhyme closest to “ORANGE” I can only think of “DERANGE”, though orange is a word famously known amongst poets as a word which has no rhyming word

Madhendra Sing Thony:Movie rephew!

Errrr…saw the movie…errr…liked it….errr….I forgot…errr…may be the crow pecked at my brain and made away with my words…teacher…errr…sorry…Crash it!

Movie script: Written with children below 6 yrs old in mind.( Even they are wiser than us adults with Gen A in total recall again).

Actors: Loved the kid Dhoni, just about liked the struggler Thoni, didn’t feel anything for cricketer Tony. Ahem!to Mayhem!

Cinematography: Only noticed it when Dhoni was being shown his quarters in his first job posting and the camera followed the actors from room to room, also hanging over the twin bathrooms, one where he could bathe in a red and white bucket and one where the Indian style potty hole lay pretty in repose.”Wifi” connection begins.

Make up: Liked the dresses Thoni’s supposed girfriends were wearing, all yellowy, mustardy and bright coloured butterflies who flitted in and out of camera and waited for him till infinity, as one faced a dreadful end and the other, said goodbye in the end. Thoni’s career finished!?!

Climax scene: Muthiah Muralitharan’s ball, Tony’s bat and rest is cinema fucked on the behind. Where’s the climax, man? Was that it? Didn’t even feel like batting an eyelid.

Chai toh bahut peete ho tum Thoni, abhi kaapi peeyo. Black kaapi please. ‘Azhar’ the movie must have turned in his grave after seeing this movie. Jiyo India! Jan Gan Man…attention.

If you need to make a biopic on a sports personality learn from ‘Bhaaag Milkha Bhaag’ please. BTW, ooooohhh…Yuvraj is so handsome na…