ORRO: How have you been zerro?

Zerro: Mad

Orro: Why so?

Zerro: Well, the doctor said so.

Orro: Were you diagnosed as mad?

Zerro: I guess so, yes, he diagnosed me as mad because i made the mistake of telling him I converse with God.

Orro: Well, you shouldn’t have told him that.

Zerro: I can’t help it. In the doctor’s chamber i speak only the truth, sometimes even exagerrating it.

Orro: No problem. Just take the medicine and relax.

Zerro: Oh, I am chilled, Madness cannot be so bad if it it helps me converse with God.

Orro: Who is your God, Zerro?\

Zerro: Oh I cant see him. He is God after all.

Orro: It is time to wake up Zerro and stop dreaming. 



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