Country marr raha hai na, so wear white

Reading Shashi Tharoor’s The Elephant, the Tiger and The Cellphone. Read it. It is like enduring the pain of brilliance. Yet to finish it but already been through a mini story just by reading its title. What’s your interpretation, one may ask , just when you are about to turn the cover page? For me, it is Kerala, Bengal and communication…all misunderstood Towers of Babel that holds up our country. What brought India to what it is not today–a superpower, which most people in the rest of the country do not know is all for the good. Shashi Tharoor knows it and as a reader I give him the green flag of the most astute writer of our country, who falls back more on facts than fiction to weave stories but knowing India can never be this:IRRELIGIOUSNESS CAN NEVER BE POPULAR IN OUR COUNTRY, he becomes just another Indian who peddles the tolerance of all religions as a virtue to uphold.
When I think of a word that could rhyme closest to “ORANGE” I can only think of “DERANGE”, though orange is a word famously known amongst poets as a word which has no rhyming word


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