Poll-u-tion Soul-u-tion

An opinion poll garnered shold be the only way voting happens anywhere in the world. Dil ki baat zubaan pe. Not mann ki baat ballot pe. Why? Because it will solve our pollution crisis. How? Mind control has a remote, heart has no control over a troll.

Similarly, anything operated by a remote if abolished, will remove the troll from posting a love letter and upsetting your life. Satellite control must stop. When it does, man will die–die of heart-break because the one he loved so passionately was after all a remote controlled satellite moon that will never again grace his sky. And then happy fat women will roll on floor and wonder why they are so high.

Then those who believe in God will come down from the sky. And pick up the women and tell them about their life having been a big lie. Bas! Phir life jhingalala…men will come back alive and woo with a vengeance that will halt aeroplanes in airports, trains in stations, cars in garages, autorickshaws in traffic , cycles in stands and women in their flight.

That will make air breathable once again and opinion poll will save the soul of the world by stopping automobile ablutions.


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