To be Continued…

Indians are believed to be cowardly. Could have been a concept that grew out of the multiple invasions of its land and consequent rulers being accepted by the native junta. This could be considered an apt conclusion because a country that cannot have its people stand up for its throne’s security and bows down to the invading victor’s kingdom come, must consist of a population that has citizens with weak necks and weaker spines. Bow again and again and again, yet again, till kyphotic becomes the normal appearance of elders who have survived several invasions and bowed to multiple kings of the land.

An insight or a differing perspective to the same truth can be had by allowing us to agree that Indians simply love entertainment. WHY? How could it be otherwise when they know that the shifting of power is a game played by the rich of the world and the native junta that values land, crop and shelter need only wag their tails and guard its neighbourhood territory barking at everyone; and much worse-off individuals fated hence to swim with the currents and slither up to whichever land gives them an opportunity to exercise their survival skills, keep their fangs handy to spread gossip and juicy tales back home.

Entertainment is mesmerising for the average Indian. In its sway he became the believer in much nonsense and magic, surrendered his capacity of critical thinking to pundits who claimed knowledge is something to be acquired by deciphering texts about how to be born, which way to live and when to die( if at all you are allowed that luxury since the story goes that Indians have millions of rebirth). The stories these pundits created and painstakingly put into text form is the knowledge that aam junta was kept away from initially and instead regaled with anecdotes, prophesies and soothsayer’s declarations to invoke magic, mystery and horror– believable since it invoked emotions and ended up being credible in face of wars, famine and struggle of life. Entertainment thus kept evolving and putting these creators or entertainers and their audience in spellbinding catatonic phases when the foreigner was eyeing the land’s treasures with greed and making inroads into the territory with foresight that was the doing of gurus of their land who taught them to be proactive instead.

Hindu philosophy is one of laid-back, recyclable, renewable world in automaton which has only a shining star as Krishna propelling warriors to action with his geet-o-updesha. Till date, In India it is the Geeta gyan that holds fort in executive exhortations( God knows who Geeta was, perhaps some washer-woman who pushed her drunkard husband to get over his stupor and claim his family share and then put him to work cultivating the land for fruits of labour). No, Hindu philosophy is a beginner of the concept of zero. There was no truth first, nor lies, there was no earth, nor universe, there was no wind, water or trees, everything in short was a big zero before Creation. Can we then attribute the creation of our earth to a writer, the first human story teller or the first person who evolved language and gave it credibility? Language so powerful a form of entertainment that it created this world by its very evolution. And Indians gave in to its mesmerising divisions and multiplications, nurturing it and developing various versions of the same language a hundred times over in minscule pockets of its geography. So much is creativity, innovation and entertainment valued in this country that trends are the precursors of warning for new invaders arriving because that which became popular paved way for the foreigners to cash in on, by introducing their elements of exotic surprise and effecting remixes and refreshments.

A perfectionist is someone who keeps at it, keeps at it, till he gets it the way he wants it. Then he goes ahead and imposes this beautiful technique that works so well on others who would learn from him. In his books, there is no room for innovation, it is either you do it this way or don’t do it at all in my laboratory. Very few perfectionists survive in India and if they do, they suffer the fate of having to do it all by themselves in the end or find imported machines to do it for them which if it becomes a trend invites the foreigner to make home in our country and consequently paves way for his country to take interest in our affairs with the power of its investments. Yet, even machines are defeated by India’s junta’s crude methods of survival and often exasperates the invaders into a fit of rage till they want to change the whole system upside down till they and their machines can function effectively in this country. Because this country is a land of innovators, the jugaad people would find a way around every rule that is breakable and carry out the work successfully, and if you do not ask them about the madness of the method or the lasting impact of its usefulness in the long run then each method is genius. In this land of undiscovered geniuses, that perfected the art of innovation, a ruler had a field day, an invader had no set enemy strategies to overpower, a guerrilla warfare was a way of life; thus a conflict-ridden life cared not who sits at the throne or who knocked at his country’s borders because a common man who fights and wins a battle each day with his own handy weapons of survival declared himself king every day.

When patriotic fervour in form of impending war news reaches a peak in India, the main propaganda is in form of stories that abound about death of soldiers and their bereaved families having had to face a brutal tragedy for the sake of keeping our children safely harboured in our houses. Their children lost their father for our children’s safe-keeping, they suffer in cold high up in the mountains and bleed to death while we are warm and happy in our homes. Needless to say, our critical thinking is melodramatically overpowered by such situational analysis that juxtaposes our comfort with their professional discomforts. Thus our emotional triggers are set off overseeing the failure in the very handling of a political situation that either blew out of proportion because of ineptness of diplomacy or due to unshakeable faith in the justification of creating killing fields to find territorial assertiveness.

Such stories which circulate in school text books, movies and in current scenario as facebook videos and memes keep the Indians believing that war is good, if against Pakistan then doubly good, if it hurts those who support Pakistan then triply good and if it hurts those who can think then nothing like it. Pilfering room for thought is the purpose of entertainment and war is the ideal weapon to over dramatize the thinker’s pose as ridiculous.

When was war good? Why would a poor dying soldier be reason for glory when it is a failure in diplomatic precedents set by the leaders of the nation? Why would crushing global spirit of any kind make inroads to regain confidence of citizens whose ruffled feathers bleed with the local authority and their own nation’s army excesses under the directs of their Kings? Consider an Indian exclaiming: I love America! Response:Wow! Who doesn’t? And if: I love Pakistan? Then: Traitor! How could you love our severed body part that decided to break off on its own because it thought it could walk on one severed arm? Well, they walked, however much it may have been troublesome for them and whatever may have been their issues they contribute in the same vein as us Indians by giving into primitive drama and emotional excesses that slays their posse of thinkers on gallows for even harbouring thoughts of peace with their brethren across the east of borders of their country?
Indians do not support war, they support invasion? No, they support drama. And the more a leader creates drama that is trendy the more he is worthy of discussion and glory. Indians do not want a sedate gentleman on the post of its throne bearer now, what use is a soft-spoken charming gentleman to a junta of half-naked skeletons with demons in head or to sentimental softies with withering flowers in heart? Will he bring joy to their blooms by talking sense which gives them no reason for inspiration? Would he bring evil satisfaction to their gnawing demons by raising a spectre of patriotic fervour that would make them forget that they are farmers instead believe that they are soldiers who are ready to die for the country for the sake of their belly-hungry kids? Would a junta need a leader who talks about development without exhorting national sentiment but advocating education as the path to self-reliance, sixty years after independence? Is education imparted the right way in this country?
Education is imparted by underpaid, overworked people with failed aspirations or women with a full house to run as family and who eek out time to earn some pocket money and would take no pains to enlighten the students about the fact that they have a head to think and text is not the last word in human truth. No, just the contrary, text is to be devoured as such and delivered as such, thinking is for how to get marks; not, however, how to understand that truth is hidden between various people’s interpretations of history, science, culture, etc. Not to blame Indian teachers or politicians or students or parents, but ours is a country that believes war is good if it is a winnable one, or else bow to the Lord and their superior techniques and diktats. Of course, one can later make their products and truth Indianised and exasperate them and have a sneaky laugh at their predicament.

War is this nation’s ultimate climax in patriotic fervour and is a hit with the masses if the villain is Pakistan. Maybe for a change they can consider this: War is horror show, Pakistan is our potential best friend turned enemy, while some monkey waits in anticipation since he wants to make inroads into our country while we are at this cat and dog fight and hurting ourselves in the process. So far, Indians have claimed proudly that they by themselves have never raised the first hand to slap the other’s cheeks but if the country is slapped as a whole they won’t turn the other cheek. Now they seem ready to slap first, or are they? Well, the sentiment is that the leader who has the courage to slap Pakistan first is always an immortal hero-in-making for this country. The thinkers and intellectuals who want to prevent that and save all of its army from unnecessary bloodshed is supposedly the coward who sits in their arm-chairs and doesn’t share facebook videos about slain soldiers in Kashmir and would be the first one to hide when the canon fires its shell over the neighbourhood’s children’s shelters while the whole country erupts in drama of courage and glory.

Well, drama of war is Mahabharata’s popularity’s cornerstone and Duryodhana’s army was rich and powerful when the exiled Pandavas were poor and feeble. The righteous is always the exiled-the docked ship’s army, the Titanic can always sink and be cheered as a multimillion grosser at the box office. The Indian intellectual who is shunning war and consequent bloodshed must find tears for the slain soldier’s bereaved families and if not, turn silent; when actually the junta overlooks the fact that he or she is crying foul even before the game has started. What if he says: “WAR IS FOUL! Period. Do not play it. Do not glorify it. Let not the chosen men in uniform be a victim to diplomatic failure, do not spark the fire if it can be doused. I don’t want our army to go to the killing fields; as it is the drama lovers are shamelessly egging them on to die for their country. Let us foul up the war plans instead and never let it happen so that they do not have to die, not one soldier.” Would an Indian buy this argument? Of course not, the coward intellectual is to be shunned and thought of as mad, when he is not even letting the show go on. Bring it on! Ho jaaye shuru! Picture abhi baaki hai , mere dost… To be Continued…


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