Catching the trend–horror

Surprisingly, it seems trends are setting new trends. The corporates seem to be indulging the trendsetters like never before, cajoling the nuts to dance with them as unthinkable as it may have been earlier, letting the weird in through their haloed doors with a warm smile like they were family. Corporate social responsibility is the new trend and I wouldn’t be surprised if this trend becomes the norm.

How a trend becomes a norm isn’t up for analysis in general but how CSR becomes a trend isn’t even up for discussion. It is an enforced way of life that became a trend, and is posed to become existent till it becomes an existential problem. The corporate houses henceforth will actively function to uplift their less fortunate brethren, to play with them, indulge them and encourage them to become leaders of their own corporate houses or restrict themselves to whathever roles they choose for themselves as players. And these unfortunate brethren would love the opportunity for an alliance with the superstars and hail them as kind and very humane. So corporate houses would turn more and more empathetic till business as it is known to us ceases to function, in its place crops up several talent hunt houses that seek opportunists and provides them a platform, showcases their talents and creates a stage for them to do their gig or jig. In the end, profit sharing becomes the business, and community making becomes the trap. Everyone makes a honeycomb existence where the Queen bee rests and ideates as to how to keep the workers busy in helping each other build this empire bigger and bigger.Sweet honey gets compartmentalised and stored in its various pockets, everyone is empowered enough to develop a sting when needed for defense and the Queen is mothering them all to shine in golden hues under the shining sun’s rays oblivious to the dangers of some wild forest man with his guile or hairy bear coming to raid the kingdom with fire and smoke or simply a thrust of his big hairy arms where you cannot reach him to sting his thick skinned entity. Either that or…

…when these honeycomb corporate house residents stop being kind to each other because of its Tower of Babel causing madness in them with noise pollution, honey becoming hard to produce because of concrete invasion of wildlife, or workers turning catatonic in view of delusions of love, kindness and sweetness of their own making, things will fall apart. Then trends that stopped and became a way of life will now become chaos that dictates lives, where begging, prostitution and mad wanderings will become evident unless some selfish b**ch decides that she wants a team of players who will bring the wildlife to invade the concrete houses with its empty cubicles and overrun the concrete jungles with green dreams of lantana bushes, creepers, snakes, waterways and weeping willow trees that send adventitious roots into the water, making a Venice out of the whole world.

THIS IS A PIECE OF FICTION OF AN UNEMPLOYED SELFLESS BARD Who is fated to be the QUEEN And the B**ch in the story, because some joker thinks he rules the world and is having fun watching all this.


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