The Man as a creature

The man is a strange creature. All this world is his impotent rage and passion’s doing. The man is the one who creates and destroys. The man is the creature. The rest are puppets. All wooden dolls on strings attached to his ten fingers which stand for his nine kinds of emotions or navarasas and the tenth one, perhaps the teeny weeny wee-wee finger on his left is the tenth emotion we are always blind to–his impotent rage. With that , he tricks us all into believing that he is actually just going to the bathroom when we all know he transforms in the bathroom to God and creates or destroys this world. When there were no toilets he had to find the privacy of a mountain top to keep his wee-wee finger’s tricks hidden from the world.

Rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! rape! BOBBIT! oooohhh!

More rape, rape, rape, rape, rape…Bobbit! Shhhittt!

And still more raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Impotency, my dear friends is more dangerous an enemy trait in the man than rape because its rage is what incites men to hate women enough to incite tricks of the kind that results in rape, more rape, and more rapes.

Believe me, I think Shashi Tharoor gets it right ten times out of ten and most men do not undertsand, whether women loving or not as to whose side he is on,I will leave it for the men and women to make that judgment with their heads, not their wee wee fingers.

This is not a political comment. This is a comment on how to be a gentleman and be insulted for it lesson. I hope the people who want to teach him that lesson understand that there are working women in their houses. An eye for an eye, a wee-wee for a …?RAGE!!!! That bobbitised man is lost on the woman’s world, shrunk as it is but he will live with the kind of rage no nation will like to take on its back. Rape is a crime. Bobbiting is also a crime. Revenge crime can be forgiven hopefully. But…

She should have gone to the cops. Perhaps she couldn’t for some reason. She has to be forgiven. But the man needs compassion, he is mad and now will turn madder. Can you hang him and relieve him off his sad life hereon that might motivate more such revenge crimes? Does the media realise that the girl’s life is in danger, generation after generation? Does the media feel responsible for the kind of hype they create out of it and make her every night a nightmare? What a freak show!!!