Veggie Non Gratis

The vegeterian/non-vegeterian debate has escalated in my country to major proportions. Thanks to political backing.

Loyalities are divided now in grocery stores,delis and in kitchens.Virtues of being vegeterian or non-vegeterian are extolled in favour of establishing supremacy. Opinions are plucked out of each other’s professional expertise with doctors, scientists, yogis, lifestyle gurus and the priests, imams as well as pundits of course having a say in who is the powerful and graceful one–the elephant and giraffes of the world or the lions or tigers.

In this context, human flesh is burnt for crimes of meat-eating tendencies and cows are cut in cold blood on streets for being the meat-eater’s doe-eyed beauty who satiates like no other, and at reasonable price too.

If we break down this madness to simple logic it would read something like this– You are my meat, I am your eat. Meet me at the end of the farthest field where Krishnas and Radhas frolic because cowherds do that–romance the adulterous beauty. If you are ‘just go veggie’ then who will fund my political ambitions? After all, veggies don’t come cheap and they are oh so delicate, breaking and dissolving at the slightest application of heat and pressure. A perfect recipe for a country’s powerhouse going frozen if it doesn’t come up with fresh ideas every now and then, at much frequenter intervals than it’d have been the case had the sturdy beef filled fridge houses and tummies with longer durabilty and satiability.

Of course, there is no cure for greed. But Veggie non gratis. Thus, suffering could be the cure for greed. Meat should be just made premium and beef, given its due as a rare delicacy, since it involves the slaughter of such a useful animal.Making it common man’s food may be the real problem. As for qualms about eating an animal can be overcome simply by considering the fact that man is an animal too but the aesthetics of its survival is dependent on his innate strength to say no to things he doesn’t deserve. Become Personae gratae.


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