What do I have to lose?

What do humans have to lose when cats and dogs fight? Neither do I have anything to gain by reviewing a movie call “The Ottomans”. It is a movie that shows the fight between the Romantics(read dreamers) and the Greeks( read the rulers).

Of course, a hero is needed whose emotional lability can be used to usurp the Shah’s prized crown. And the easy way to do it would be to kill his kith or kin and incite his anger which may actually be so ridiculous as to make him put his own house on fire and run. Silly hero! I’d say but he goes on to infiltrate the Shah’s empire and work out a strategy to gain the Shah’s confidence in the end by saving his life from his perceived enemies who themselves are on a rebellious streak emotionally because they think the Shah and his Vizer are relaxing where the Vizer is shamelessly indulging himself in the luxuries of life while his sons-in-law battle it politically to gain favours.

Woven into the story is some violent and sick romance, the maid-at-hand of the queen being the soul-mate of our hero who in turn is coveted by the bully of the kingdom who wants to slash the Vizer’s throat. But our hero comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, the Queen from the other land visits and is the Shah’s sister who reveals how he is being misled by the ministers about the poor financial conditions of his kingdom.

Now, let me answer what do humans have to lose when cats and dogs fight? Simple! Humans have no say in the matter, they just suffer through all the noise and squeals and lose their peace of mind. Also it kills them to be so duped by the animal kingdom as if being so self-sufficient and wily is enough to drag humans down to such filth and muddy their existence by bringing in ticks and rats and cockroaches to their houses who radically enslave them to fear, disgust and forced errors, rarely even putting them in uncontrollable rage then to commit murderous crimes, after which they may be jailed alone, lonely and cut off from the world with no friend while the cats and dogs play on. Like the Chinese we may start eating them, the cats, dogs and insects and then become a bicycling self-sufficient country who unleash their plastic creations around the world since life to them has become so banal and critically routine. No humans allowed. Hang them all. So that cats and dogs can fight for plastic creations of their own making. Thus when cats and dogs fight, humans lose their marbles–those precious little colourful glass dreams they pocketed and felt so happy about in their childhood.


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